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(Single-Threaded) Latent Functions in C++

I’ve been recently considering conversion of one object oriented Unreal Script like language code into C++ to improve its run-time performance. And while most of the features of the language seemed easy to transform from one to another there was one that … Continue reading

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Rainbow Hero – my new game

After some very long and slow, mostly after hours, development I have finally released my new puzzle game – Rainbow Hero: The game is an old-school type of game as far as mechanics with some painterly stylized graphics and a fairy tale style audio.   … Continue reading

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Preventing players from getting stuck in puzzle games

I’ve been developing my puzzle game Rainbow Hero (to be released soon on PC) for a while now and while doing so I designed a lot of puzzle levels. It was fun but it was also great opportunity for me to … Continue reading

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Tiny2D – my open source 2D game engine

Today I have finally managed to open source my after hours project called Tiny2D. It’s development started roughly 4 months ago as I decided to resurrect an old puzzle game I did 5 years ago but never got to finish … Continue reading

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Binding C++ with Lua, Squirrel, Game Monkey and Ocaml

This isn’t anything new I did recently but I thought it’s worth putting up on my blog anyway. I was once interested how easy it is to implement binding between C++ and several popular, mostly scripting, languages. If you search … Continue reading

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Naive #include Optimizer for C++

Here’s my simple and really basic utility written in C# that optimizes Visual Studio project by removing redundant #include lines where possible. Why having redundant #includes is so bad? The answer is simple – it can severely slow down the … Continue reading

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The end of my indie game devevelopment adventure

As of today some of my games on some of the platforms are no longer available and the reason I pulled them is simply because they don’t make enough profit. Monstaaa! is not available anymore on any of the platforms. … Continue reading

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