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Packet encryption in multiplayer games – part 2

The following is continuation of my recent Packet encryption in multiplayer games – part 1 article. In this article I’m going to present sample implementation of the encryption helper that might be used to establish connection using Diffie-Helman algorithm and … Continue reading

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Packet encryption in multiplayer games – part 1

Sending unencrypted data between peers in multiplayer game can make your game vulnerable to many kinds of hacker attacks. However, as surprising as it may sound not all multiplayer games require data encryption to stay secure. In some cases only … Continue reading

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Good bye Blue Tongue (and time for indie game development)

It was a big news in game development industry when 3 days ago two Australian studios, Blue Tongue and Studio Oz, and one studio from US (Pheonix) were shut down by THQ. As part of these events around 200 people … Continue reading

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Simple 2D soft bodies in Box2D

Box2D is an excellent, widely used and completely free 2D physics engine. It has support for variety of 2D shapes and joints but there’s no out of the box support for soft bodies and so if you want one you … Continue reading

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C-like singletons

It is my impression that template based singleton patterns for C++ like this one are very popular and widely used. Why? I believe it’s mostly because OOP design patterns in people’s minds often take precedence over code simplicity and prevent … Continue reading

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Light Pre-Pass vs Deferred Renderer – Part 1

My questions I have recently decided I want to spend some time experimenting with various approaches to renderers being used across PC and console games these days. In particular I wanted to look more closely at pros and cons of … Continue reading

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Non-blocking packet-oriented sending and receiving data via TCP

Let’s get straight into the topic, here’s our goal for today: Want to be able to send (and receive) whole data packets without blocking and without having separate “send thread” (or “receive thread”) using TCP. Similar to UDP in that … Continue reading

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