The end of my indie game devevelopment adventure

As of today some of my games on some of the platforms are no longer available and the reason I pulled them is simply because they don’t make enough profit.

Monstaaa! is not available anymore on any of the platforms. In fact I have just recently sold the IP to other developer. Hopefully they bring the second life to the game!

Meanwhile, Puzzled Rabbit for Android, Blackberry PlayBookXBLIG and PC is still available.


Apparently indie game development, in particular on mobile platforms, is really tough these days. The way I see things is that iOS / Android gold rush is gone and it’s now incredibly difficult to compete when you’re a small developer because in order to succeed you not only need an exceptionally good, original and polished game but you also need to be visible on the market. And that takes a lot of hard work, talent and some luck too.

Finally I have to say that I am really glad I tried indie game development as I would otherwise not fully understand why it is so difficult and would probably regret not having tried it. I have also learned a lot and had a really good time while it lasted. If you want to learn more about my 10 month long indie adventure have a look at my past blog posts and try to learn something from it.

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5 Responses to The end of my indie game devevelopment adventure

  1. So what now? What will you be up to next?

  2. Maciej says:

    For now, working on something totally different 🙂 Otherwise still experimenting with mobile development in my limited free time. And… I should be able to make small announcement soon on my blog.

  3. locksleyu says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, how much profit did you end up making on iOS? Also what is the advantage to pulling the game, is that just to save the $100 a year for dev license?

    • Maciej says:

      Sure. I can’t remember exactly but it was around $1k altogether on iOS. I pulled one of my games from the app store because I sold it (Monstaaa!) to another developer. And yes, I pulled the other one (Puzzled Rabbit), because it didn’t make enough to cover those $100/year. I also moved to another country which meant I had to shut down my company. I’d have to register again with Apple / Google to keep selling it.

      • locksleyu says:

        Thanks for the details. I’ve spent considerably less time trying to seriously produce a game for iOS, so it’s good to hear your experience.

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